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fKey Keyboard Template Designer

~ Evaluation Period ~
30 days or 30 uses,
whichever is longer.

 fKey Keyboard Template Designer at a glance.
Version "Updated!"      2.02
Download: 7.8 Mb
Cost: $40.00
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OS: Win95,9x,Me,
Cat: fKey, keyboard templates,
function Keys, shortcut keys
PADGen Info File:  ASP PADGen Free Program Information File
fkey.gif  The fKey Keyboard Template Designer utility is designed to save you valuable time. How often do you use a program that you have not touched in some time and have to dig through the manual to find the shortcut key or function key that performs the desired program operation. Just think about the amount of time you would save if you already had a template prepared and all you had to do was lay it on your keyboard just above the function key row. Prepare your template once and it is done for the life of the program that goes with the template.

The program builds a keyboard template for any program's function and shortcut keys. To see a full size image of a sample desktop template, click on the above graphic. Enter the key combinations for the function keys and the shortcut keys into the design grid. Any standard combination of up to six rows of function keys may be selected for the template. Depending upon the number of function key rows selected, up to four rows or 24 shortcut key combination may be included on the template.

When the template is ready to be printed, select your keyboard configuration and press the print button. Depending on your configuration selection, your template is sent to the printer or appears in a window to be saved as a desktop bitmap, ready to be placed on your desktop. Any printer driven by a Windows® printer driver will work with this program.

Presently all known keyboard configurations are included. If you have a keyboard configuration that is not included, drop a support request email and we will design a template master for your keyboard. Useing the fKey Template Designer will save your staff many hours of hunting though program manuals for the various key combinations reconginized by the various programs. Especially if you haven't used the program for some time and the key combinations have become fuzzy in your mind or you find you have mixed the combinations up between two different programs.

fKey Template Designer Main Screen The main screen of the fKey Template Designer. For a full size image, click on the image to the right.

Your template may be designed using the primary program screen shown to the right or with the aid of a the Wizard shown below.

fKey Template Designer Wizard

The screens of the fKey Template Designer Wizard.

Click on image to see it full size.

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